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Our Team

Where the Passion Begins

Assistant Karate Instructor

Assistant Karate Instructor

Assistant Karate Instructor

Master McClements


Head Karate Instructor

Master McClements has been and continues to train in the art of Tang Soo Do since 2002 at 8 years of age; reaching 5th Degree Black Belt (Master level) by age 26. He also cross-trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He has assisted with the teaching of classes since he received his Black Belt at age 12 and has competed and placed at various tournaments over the years. Master McClements trains under Master Murtaugh and Master Goss on a regular basis to ensure quality teaching and quality students. He helps students realize their full potential not just in the martial arts, but in life as well. His goal is to  instill confidence, self-defense skills and discipline to all students.

Mrs. Roth


Fitness Instructor / Assistant Karate Instructor

Mrs. Roth enjoys teaching yoga, cardio kickboxing, martial arts and self-defense. She has been teaching yoga for ten years. She earned her Yoga Teacher's Certification in 2009 from The Community College of Beaver County. Mrs. Roth began studying martial arts in 2005. She is currently a Third Degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do (Korean Martial Art). In 2013 she earned her Fitness Trainer Certification from The International Sports Science Association. Mrs. Roth is the owner of American Lotus, a fitness training company. Her teaching methods are simple, practical and effective. She emphasizes discipline and consistency over intensity and teaches people to become dedicated to taking care of themselves by setting a good example. A former Chain Smoker and Drive-thru Junkie, fitness inspired her to trade in bad habits for good ones. Like the American Lotus we can all rise from the mud and blossom into the best version of ourselves and that starts with self-care.

Mr. Oligher


Assistant Karate Instructor

Mr. Oligher has been training in Tang Soo Do for several years now. Currently, he is a 1st Degree Black Belt. He assists with the teaching of a few children's classes per week. Mr. Oligher graduated from Penn State Erie with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, which attributes to his ability to understand children. His two children are enrolled in our school. His eldest son currently is a 2nd Degree Black Belt. After enrolling his son into the martial arts program, Mr. Oligher saw the improvement in his son's behavior and physical abilities and decided to try it out for himself and he was hooked! He continues to train under Master McClements, Master Goss, and Master Murtaugh on a regular basis to perfect his technique and teaching style. Our school is glad to have such a dedicated student and teacher.

Mr. Na'Jhier (Nye) Troy-Payne

Assistant Manager & Karate Instructor


Martial Arts Lineage

Master Murtaugh

Learning a martial art is something that Master Murtaugh had wanted to do since he was a youth, but like the saying goes "life gets in the way." It wasn't until he was 28 years old that he had the opportunity. At first it was the physical skills that attracted him, then he came to realize that there is much more to a martial art. The mental aspect is more important to him now, such as; discipline, working at being a better person, confidence, controlling stress. 

  After receiving  his Black Belt from a large Pittsburgh-based karate chain Master Murtaugh opened a branch school in Beaver County as an owner/operator. That was in 1988 at the Center Stage Plaza in Center Twp. (Our current school's location!) Although he no longer owns the school he still practices and teaches classes here. He currently studies at Joe Goss Karate which is located in Johnstown, PA. In 2016 he was promoted to 7th Degree Black Belt by Master Goss. He still trains because martial arts have become an important part of his life and he still works at improving mentally and physically. There is ALWAYS something to learn and improve with your mind and body.


Our Affiliates

Master Joe Goss, Sr.

President -
Tang Soo Do Unlimited

Main Styles Taught

-Tang Soo Do

-Shotokan Karate



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