Testing Procedure

1. Students should arrive 30 minutes before testing begins.

2. Students should first turn in test form and any test fees once they arrive for the test. They then should change into their uniform and sit quietly while stretching. Students may also stand to practice for the test, such as forms, one-step sparring, etc.

3. Attendance cards do NOT need pulled for testing.

4. You must get permission prior to the start of the test from the Instructor to leave testing early.

5. To be excused during testing, students must ask permission from a Black Belt.

6. Answer loudly with energy when addressed.

7. Notify the Senior Instructor about any injuries before testing begins.

8. Always put forth maximum effort and have a great attitude. Anyone being disrespectful to the instructors, other students, or parents will FAIL the test no matter how well they performed the techniques.

9. After testing students should plan to stay for a few minutes to help vacuum up any wood splinters.

Test Fees: $70 (1st Test), $55 (All color belt & Black Belt Certification Tests), $350 (Black Belt Tests)

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