Basic Class Etiquette

1. Students should arrive 10-15 minutes early for class. This time is necessary for stretching and preparing for class. Also, being late on a regular basis shows a lack of attention and discipline.

2. Upon arrival to the Do Jang (Training Hall) all students must wait until acknowledged by the Head Instructor, any teachers/helpers, and any Black Belts and bow before entering. 

3. Proper bowing should be initiated by the junior student and acknowledged by the senior student.

4. The proper way to bow starts by facing the other person and standing still at attention (shoulders back with arms at your sides and feet together). Then bend slowly at the waist at about 45 degrees and return to attention position.

5. Everyone must remove their shoes in the waiting area before entering the training area.

6. Students must receive permission before entering the Instructor's office. Students should stand at attention until instructed to sit.

7. All students must bow and salute the flags anytime entering or exiting the Do Jang floor. This ensures proper respect, loyalty and patriotism for our opportunity to train.

8. After bowing and saluting, students check-in on the Ipad for attendance. Attendance is recommended at least 2-3 days per week. Please notify us if you are unable to make it to class 1 week, so you can meet the minimum class time required for testing. Options include coming more days the following week or scheduling private lessons.

9. Upon lining up for class, each student must quickly find their place in line according to rank and seniority.

10. Once the Head Instructor or any Sa Bom Nim (Master) walks onto the Do Jang floor the first student to see it must call everyone to attention. It is then the most senior student's (under the Master's rank) turn to give the commands to bow to them.

11. The most senior student will command the class through the opening and closing ceremonies of class. All students must follow each command and stand quietly at attention. If performing seated meditation, the Instructor will sit first followed by the senior students and then down the ranks. After meditation, the Instructor stands first followed by the senior students and then down the ranks.

12. For a student to leave class, they must ask permission before doing so. For the student to leave their line they must bow to the Instructor and then step back never forward to leave class. Students also must never cut through lines, but step to the sides. The student must also ask permission before returning to their line.

13. If a student arrives late for class, they must first check-in for attendance, stretch and meditate. After that they must ask permission from the Instructor to join class.

14. All Black Belts and adults must be addressed as "Sir" or "Ma'am". Also, you may address any Black Belt (Except Masters) using Mr., Mrs., and Miss before their last name.

15. Senior members such as Masters must be addressed as "Sa Bom Nim". Teachers may be addressed as "Kyo Sa Nim" (Certified Instructor) if they tested and earned that rank. Also, any teacher may also be addressed as "San So Nim" (Teacher).

16. Students must ask their senior fellow students any questions first. If the senior students are unable to answer the questions, they may ask the Instructor for help. Its very important to keep this system in place. It develops camaraderie between students and helps students develop their own teaching skills.

17. Notify the Instructor of any injuries before class begins.

18. All students must share the responsibility of keeping the school clean. This means vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, cleaning the bathrooms and cleaning the mirrors and windows. Also, no eating or drinking in the Do Jang. Cleaning shows respect and appreciation for the opportunity to train and learn. Students should also take this attitude home with them to help with chores at home.

19. Students must have discipline standing at attention while lined up in class or talking to a senior student. This means standing still with good posture, feet together, and hands at the sides of the body. When instructed to sit, students must sit still, cross-legged, with the back straight, and hands over the knees.

20. The student's Do Bok (Uniform) must be kept clean and neat. After training, fold the Do Bok neatly and wash regularly. A clean uniform shows great respect. Throwing the uniform or belt on the floor is very disrespectful.

21. Never wear a Do Bok in public unless permission from the Instructor is given. Students may travel to class wearing Do Bok pants with a t-shirt. Women should wear a "WHITE Only" t-shirt under the Do Bok top. Men may also wear a WHITE t-shirt under the top. Never wear any pants or shorts underneath the Do Bok pants. Once at the Do Jang, never walk around with the belt or uniform untied or loose. This is disrespectful towards the student and the school.

22. Show appreciation for the opportunity to learn and train, show respect toward the Art, the school, the teachers, and yourself, pay attention, and answer loudly and properly at all times!